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Chat Chat

We were chatting in our clan and the topic of chat came up.
It works out that if you have a full clan of 25 and they are all active, in a world wide game you still have a low chance of bumping in to others if you only play an hour a day. There are other things that impact on chat too, like working shift work, or having an inactive clan, or a clan that is less than 25 people. So the social side of Elvenar becomes non existent for some. Which is fine, some people want to be left alone. But it's not so fine if you don't have the choice of being more social.
So here are some possibilities to help broaden the range of choices if you feel like a chat or just want to listen in on someone chatting...
1. A worldwide chat.
2. A new player or help chat.
3. A general lounge or off topic chat
4. An elf only chat. Humans wouldn't need a chat room, they only grunt for the most part.
Humans have low elf-esteem, once they are elf-educated, they won't need welfare, won't need to be put on the shelf, and I will invite them to join myself in civilized discourse.
Nah, moderators are over rated, and if they worked, they would have worked by now. An Ignore function, and a positive reward function, perhaps a Like system for comments, or commentators. Tie that positive system into some sort of rewards and that should be fine. It would be a slight change of thinking of moderators in a policing role, which I think is half the problem, trying to control conversation is best done in a hands off way, with the conversationalists having the power.

I really don't see online conversations as toxic, it seems like it's a word that's used as a stereotypical generalization. I've always thought that the online world has been a pretty good world. Facebook, Instagram, and so on, that whole networking thing works on conversation. Billions of people chatting quite happily.


I certainly hope that my realist observations of human nature are not considered to be "toxic chat" :( I write with humourous intent and it did cause laughter.o_O I am very elf conscious and do not wish to upset anyone (unless they are evil Orcs that prey on the weak ;)).

There is no such thing as toxic chat. Not to me. I'm either interested in the conversation, or I'm not. Rest easy, you are not toxic. :)
Orcs, like trolls, have a bad reputation, but we must remember orcs were elves once, until they were corrupted by Melkor. Same as trolls were humans once, until corrupted by Facebook.
Internet communication is a fascinating topic though. But for me, the overall assumption with communication is that if it was perfect, we wouldn't need it.
Communication isn't perfect though, that's why we have redundancy, plain english documents, and so on. To decrease the errors in communication.
Let's focus in on forums for a game, such as these, mostly we are here...

1. To complain that the game is too hard for us.
2. To complain that the game is too easy for others.

We are also here to get information about new game features, or game features new to new players, the purest kind of information, but a great deal of the time outside forums such as those on reddit or facebook do a better job of providing faster information. I suspect that's because there is less moderation and more player control over the communication.

However I think official forums could be a wonderful place to showcase players, even if they are human.


A worldwide chat.
An elf only chat.
A human only chat.
And of course...
Clan chat that doesn't vanish after a bit -_-

Also I rly wish they would ad "friends list" just because players... oh I'm doing it aren't I... I guess former gods nag too huh... :p