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Chapter Speedup


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming Chapter Speedup.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Are these changes for all servers or just something to be tested here?
I am asking because such major changes should be first implemented/ announced in Beta but there's nothing.


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Elvenar Team
Hi @Alcaro These changes will go Live across ALL servers and they come on the back of Changes that were made in April :)

This is the Link to that particular Announcement and subsequent Discussion: https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index....nces-in-the-progress-before-chapter-vi.16264/

The changes have been tested across Beta and our Server, and valuable Feedback gained although many Players may not have seen it in action here due to their larger Cities!

Kind Regards


Sir Derf

The resource costs of Technologies have been reduced, to match with the fast pace of unlocking them.
The Technology flow has also been changed and differs slightly between Elves and Humans: Some Technologies got moved, others where added to unlock game features.

Can this be expanded on a little? What game features are being unlocked?

Secondly, do I remember correctly that there are some fighting mechanics that scale based on number of completed Researches? If so, does that mean new players who progress will have slightly higher counts of completed Researches? Is INNO keeping original Research Tree players accounting separately, or are legacy players having several additional Researches added to their counts silently?


Is it not a bit of a catch twenty two situation? If you are an experienced player, you will have to start a new city to see the effect and may not remember how you did it the first time. If you really are a new player, you would not know what the old was like, nor be a regular forum user. Scratching my head …


Interesting, I started a baby city in Beta on Aug 14th. It is impossible to know whether my frustrations & equally, my progress, are due to having live advanced cities, aka knowing 'how to', 'what not to do', & above all, joining an understanding FS to engage in 0* & 1* trading early. I do know that the guidance is clearer, more instructive, participating at low level in tourneys & the Spire is possible & helpful, but then my 1st city was started in early 2017 in Win - I know what to aim for, what to avoid (or I should, lol!) but it seems to me that the same 'never enough' roadblocks & frustrations are still there - never enough space, goods, supplies, troops. I've JUST started C4 & I'm just feeling slightly more in control, but still need a little unfair trading. I can see why so many walk away. I hope this changes because this game is unique.


I've been looking into this chance and as one of the newer players that just missed this update, I'm very disappointed. This update is great for players that got it but terrible for all others in chapter 1 to 5. I registered a new account as humans and elves to try the new chapters. Looking into it the newer players have lower research costs, building upgrade costs (about 10% of the original) and way lower upgrade times (15-30 minutes instead of 2-7 hours for residences and workshops). On my main account I'm halfway through chapter 3 and almost got all my residences to level 15. This takes a long time and some fellowship members that have played longer are still upgrading.

The research cost for chapter 4 Elves is 1088 on my old (main) account and 686 on the new one, not counting the scouts (that is hidden behind a chest). The research cost for chapter 5 Elves is 1434 old and 950 new. Since you only get 24 a day everyone that started somewhere in august would've been better of deleting their account and restarting on October 19th. Of course you can buy some knowledge points but that also makes them more expensive later and won't fix this amount of difference. I realise some game features are also available later but these don't make up for this difference by far.

And the worst thing about this is, that the change is forever. If you build/upgrade a new residence/workshops/etc... later, regardless of chapter, it will take several days to get it to the dwarves chapter. For the newer accounts it costs less than a day. I understand that in higher chapters the cost probably won't matter much, but spending several 8 hour boosters on a low level residence might. Again, for me and many other players it would be better to delete our account and start a new one, but sadly I already bought diamonds and I'm not going to spend that money twice.

So what now? Clearly, updating the building/upgrade cost for all players is a must. Also, as a new player you don't get to pick a world first login, so they could've been directed to a new world rather easy, with the option to play on another older world later. Maybe the new accounts can still be migrated before everyone there joined a fellowship. Otherwise I think the game is just forever and I'll quit before I get too invested.
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Is it not a bit of a catch twenty two situation? If you are an experienced player, you will have to start a new city to see the effect and may not remember how you did it the first time. If you really are a new player, you would not know what the old was like, nor be a regular forum user. Scratching my head …
It's just Overt Step No.1 of F2P Game Post-Prime Mode. Overt Step No.2 is : make it really difficult* (= boring & lengthy, in mobile-first games) for long-term players to utilise their experience in farming Premium Currency from the game's now-established source(s) of same (see : Spire) via [often several] new Cities/accounts... surely I can't be the only one who's noticed how many of the new Cities now appearing are obviously built by experienced players, all typically perma-Trading at 0*/1* and/or Cross-Tier from the outset, with some even being named 'EN1 Spire Farm No.3' & similar?

* Clarification : difficult without devoting a LOT of time [and probably a PC, an emulator, and/or several mobile devices] to this specific purpose.

Rule No. 3 is SELL STUFF for cash & Premium Currency alike.... which surely none of us can have failed to spot is now significantly on the rise...?

Grinding instead? - sure, and it will be made more predictably & systematically rewarding as time passes. Someone has to encourage the spenders!

Maintenance Mode incoming, as I've just said elsewhere here. I'd put it in my signature, if I hadn't already made a shiny NEW! edit only today! :cool:


PS : As was mooted by several players, early on, the above is indeed why (a) Spire, (b) Tourney, and (c) the ability to join a FS (where 0*/1* Cross-Tier Trading will more readily speed the growth of small Cities), being the in-game elements which best support & enhance the Resource-funding of early Cities, were moved so much later in the new Tech Tree(s) - and also why the new-Tech Tree specifics have been kept such a closely guarded secret, for so long, on Beta & Live, and even further obfuscated by mixing-and-matching 'old & new' Tech Trees... even to date, perhaps? No idea.

The veil of secrecy surrounding the new Tech Tree(s) (including uncertainty as to how many sub-versions might even exist...) will remain as dense as ever, too, since very few new-account old-timers, and even fewer genuinely new players, will ever discuss it on any forum, and Inno [or any other gaming house] are extremely unlikely to explain further than we've seen, which is also now commonplace industry-wide for mobile-first online games.

However, I have yet to hear anything to contradict what I've already learned from [a few!] new-Tech Tree players about (a) the removal and/or major alteration of the Repeatable/cycling Chapter Quests, to prevent the farming of Gold & Supplies (it's all about the slow-down), or (b) the fact that while shorter Research times are indeed one side of the new early-game equation, and the most overtly promoted & visible 'benefit' of the new Tech Tree, too, there are multiple counterbalancing & concomitant alterations to Mandatory Quests & more fundamental game elements besides.

One new Mandatory Quest apparently demands FAR more simultaneously existing Residences than any experienced players would ever choose to place, and another - IMO pretty cynical - Quest apparently demands that a pre-Ch.5 player places at least 40 Expansions. Wow, just wow... IMHO.

The specifics of the near-inevitable & close-calculated slowing of early play in mature social mobile games are hidden for sound commercial reasons.
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