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Other Chapter 19 - Ascended Trades


A message for Elvenar developers in connection to EN3 server:

My current stock of Aerosols is 206K and rising (running 2 manus with MM spells). I desperately need Wax, which is the rarest A2 on EN3 server. Only 1 person is offering Wax in exchange for Ingots, which is the rarest A1. On EN2 server I manage to upgrade 2.5 Breeding Facilities per day, whereas on EN1 it's 1 per 2 days. I run out of time boosters and I am not spending an obscene amount of diamonds to refresh merchant offers. Please check how many players on EN3 server are boosted in Wax and how many are producing it and compare it to all other boosts. Please increase the amount of goods offered by merchants or there is a chance that you'll lose us all.