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Question Chapter 15, The Elvenar


I am really struggling with chapter 15, as there is no help in elvengems, which I have relied on for the other chapters. Have tried the Wiki but not very helpful. I would be very pleased to receive some help and suggestions please.
Where are you up to and what are you struggling with? I'm about 3/4 of the way through - happy to help but it would be easier to respond to specific questions.


Thank you all for your replies, I have followed your link KimKimKim and as you say, the information is there, don’t know how you found it, but thanks a lot.


elvengems has a really big section about the Elvenar chapter....you may have missed it because it's not listed under the guest race guides but here it is if you're interested https://elvengems.com/the-elvenar-preview/

It is there in the guest race guides down the bottom under constructs.
The Elvenar (preview).. at least it is in my browser. :cool:


correct, I should have been more specific....when you first go to the site, the front page that has the latest news and hints & tips, under hints & tips has guest race guides but Elvenar chapter is not listed but yes the tabs on the left has it listed under guest race guides