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Research Change Default View When Accessing The Tech Tree


[Summary]:When opening the Research tree I would like the display to centre on the research that I am currently researching.

[Have you checked for similar ideas?]: Yes - can't find any.

[Details]: Currently the research tree will open at a point where there are a few techs waiting to be researched. In my case this is at the Squad Size 26, Orc Training Grounds, Orc Warrior, Orc Strategist stage. None of these researches are mandatory, and as I am not a warrior I have decided to skip them. I am currently researching the Orc Ancient Wonders, which is 4 columns across from where the research tree opens, so every time I want to add more KP I have to scroll across the tech tree to find the one which I am developing. When I start researching Woodelves I will have to scroll across even further.

I would like the default view when opening the research tree to centre on the first technology which has one or more KP donated to it. In my case this would centre on the Orc Ancient Wonders as I have donated 11 KP to it, and there are no other techs in progress.

If there is a time when I wish to go back and research any previous techs which I have skipped then all I need to do is to add 1 KP to the earlier tech and it will become the default tech for the research tree to centre on.

[Reasons for Implementing]: Instant view of the current technology being researched, saving time scrolling through the research tree.

[Balance]: Visual change only - no change to the balance of the game.