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Change 24-hour duration to 23


24-hour duration (and 12-hour duration as well) for buildings where you must collect something results in the collection moving further and further in time. If you start collecting something (e.g. Genie) at 9 a.m. next day it's maybe at 9.30 a.m because you couldn't do it at 9, next day it's 10 a.m. etc. and after a week or two you have actually lost one collection.
If you change it to 23 hours (and the 12-hour collection to 11.5) this will not happen and you will be able to collect everything every day :)


I wish they would, or otherwise put in "early collects". Straight 12 and 24 hour collection buildings are hateful.


Yes I agree, I always lose collections eventually on 12 and 24 hour production. Like neighbourly help is at 23 hours, I'd love to be able to collect every day and not lose things to the night.


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Thanks, @sail0r , it is a great suggestion. I am going to let the devs know once more to consider this. I cannot promise anything, as this suggestion comes every now and then.

While 23h mechanics are great, it is part of balance keeping to have also 21 hours ones (Spire set), as well as 24 and 12-hour collection, although 23 flows better, meaning that it is possible that some buildings will have to stay at 12/24 hours. However, I will bring it up again to them.


well that is simply a part of balancing, you can have higher production on a building without early collect (or 23h or 21h collect), than you would have on a building with better collection schedules.
If devs would change the collection time from 24h to 23 they would also reduce the amount it produces, by maybe 10% In the end you would gain the same.
So if you choose which building to place don´t look at production only, consider collection convenience. For example Orc Ship vs Orc Nest. They have very similar production per square, but the Orc Nest offers better collection options (early collect after 12 h), while the ship does not.

But it all depends on how willing you are to compromise. Some people have an alarm clock ring every 24h to collect. They only loose a minute per day and don´t care much if it is 24 or 23 or 21 hours, they care about total production.


@Gargon667 But I have seen buildings that give exactly the same amount per square but one has an early collect (I think it was the orc ship and orc nest)

Sir Derf

How do you operate all your normal buildings? Like your manufactories?

I try for 3-3-3-3-3-9, but that always slips a little, slides back a little. But that totals 24. So, a 24-hour producing building should basically synch up with one of those collections, yes? It slips no more so than everything else does, at your already natural rate.

You should be complaining about the cursed, relatively-prime productions when compared to those that are happy multiples of 3. I'm talking the 5's and the 7's. Those are pure evil.