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Answered Can't get velvet.


I just started chapter 13 and got my T5 fatctory. I have posted a 2 stars offer (same tier) for velvet 2 days ago and it still hasn't been picked up. So far all my sentient T4 goods have been picked up very fast. Is there a shortage of velvet because of the new chapter or is that a problematic good in general? All I see are cross tier offers and ridiculous 0 star offers. I can't build a single settlement building without some velvet.


There are several threads about shortages of various T4 goods on different servers. Unfortunately, it is a known problem, with no apparent resolution.


@cwgiii Sigh... Ok. But if I can't get 5000 velvet in 2 days in Aredyll, the most populated of the international server, I can't imagine how bad it's on others. And what's with these absurd 0 stars offers like 7k velvet for 30k obsidian o_O

@m4rt1n Thanks for the advice, I've put up a 3* offer and I even made it a decent one, hope it finally gets picked up :) My boosted T2 is silk, so my other option is to upgrade my 4 factories and make some myself even if it's not efficient :rolleyes:

Edit: It got picked up, finally the Amuni can start their business :)
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This is just my opinion but i think it is players being greedy and trying to cash in on the shortage of sentient goods.
You are probably right. I'd rather build all the T5 myself and wait for the slow production of unboosted goods than take offers like that :(


When it comes to various trades, I watch who places 3 star trades and who is hoping to gouge the rest of us. When I have a big surplus I look for fair traders. I also look for those who are being kind and helpful here. I never trade with the gougers, or those who are argumentative or dismissive here. My trades never sit, so I assume others are doing the same :)


This is just my opinion but i think it is players being greedy and trying to cash in on the shortage of sentient goods.
We encourage in our FS to put up 0-star trades if a player is desperately short of something or urgently needs help. Of course others can see these.
That said, I also think that some players actively put up terrible trades and hope some poor sod takes them accidentally on the mobile app.

This is a scam.
I never take such deals!
How... how... is this a scam? Its a tier trade where you get a bit more than you pay.
Let's face it folks, we would all like to trade 4 for 5 of something. Some people work the other way around, 5 for 4. You take what you like/can afford, how urgent it is, etc. No one MAKES you trade. If you don't trade be patient, wait, grow/make your own, then you can trade on your own terms. If no one trades on the absurd offers I am sure the message will eventually get through. But continuing with those trades feeds the trader. Obviously, duh!
If you're in a fellowship you could ask if anyone in there can help with your trade. That's what I end up doing sometimes, as I think not everyone in a FS looks at trades if they are at a high level and don't need stuff for themselves.