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I was wondering just one thing:now,except from event buildings we have evolving buildings(which is a good thing,more options).
With the introduction of the RR spell,you don't have to sell old event buildings you may have and like,you just upgrade them.
Where shall we place all those buildings when space is so rear in late chapters?maybe the devs should consider the "space giving" policy?
(of course you can argue not to build them,but they are special and so well designed,we want to build them:rolleyes:)


I find that event buildings save me space. My first Woodelves design contained 15 Willows, by the time I reached Woodelves, there were set buildings giving mana, in the end I just built 7 Willows until I had all my mana set buildings upgraded and then could delete all the willows, in S&D I didn't even build Libraries. The amount of space saved can accommodate several buildings. Although I must say I'm ruthless with most event buildings, once something better comes along I remove the old ones.


Willows and Libraries don't give too much mana value. I'm particularly surprised at the popularity of the Weeping Willow. Even with the standard issue Woodelves chapter mana buildings it gives less mana per square than a Treant's Grave. I can only put it down to the quest which asks people to build a ton of them. Even the advice on Elven Gems says build as many Willows as possible. I never built a Weeping Willow or a Library.

I digress, but what I meant to say was, yes I agree - The event buildings do take the place of the regular buildings. Mana Huts particularly and many other event buildings, allow people to bring down all those standard buildings. The more it goes on we won't need residences and workshops at all. There are some people already with no houses.