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Spells Buildings currently in Spells ready to be placed.


Just wondering if it may be possible to personally rearrange those building in order to group them how I want.
For example, to place Forbidden Ruins buildings together in order to see, much easier, how many I have and which others are needed to complete a set. Or to group together military boost buildings useful when attacking the Spire or in weekly Tournaments.


This would be very helpful.
I have not been able to figure out the sort order other than the chapter.
RNG at play here :)


when you get a new building, you would expect to be the first on the list but I often found them on the 5th - 8th page. Still don't understand why are sorted the way they are :D

Silly Bubbles

I'm not sure about the app but there's a kind of grouping in the browser version. Expiring military boost buildings are together under each chapter and also set buildings are grouped together. When you click on the "i" button of any of the set buildings and then again on "i" at the bottom of that screen it will show a picture of the whole set highlighting the ones that you already have. Also evolving buildings bases are grouped together too. I'm not sure about the rest of the buildings.
But of course there always can be an improvement - never ending pursuit of perfection. :D


Also on the app you can search for a building in inventory, better ordering and the search feature on PC would be more than welcome