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Building/rebuilding AWs in later chapters

Can anyone tell me if the benefits from Ancient wonders change according to the chaper when they are built? What I ws wondering is if you receive more benefits from AWs by building them later on, and would it be worthwhile demolishing them to rebuild, from scratch, at a later chapter? I already know I would not get any refunds from the runes and KPs invested, and loose the benefits they current give to my city, if I demolish them.


AW benefits do not change chapter wise .. they change lvl wise so u need to put KP in to them and lvl them up. some AW do gain abit more advantage when build in later chapters but that hase nothing to do with the chapter itselfs but more with the amount of provinces scouted or the amount of coins/sup u can store .. wich ofcourse the higher u go in chapter the more it gets.


Personally I think selling AWs is unwise. Awaste of shards and kps. Plus I believe that having all the AWs is imperative to the game.