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City Building/moving buildings in mobile version

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Currently when moving buildings and especially roads or building something, we get a small region of the city be turned transparent around the spot we want to place the new building or around the building we move. The idea I guess is to help us out peek behind buildings so we can actually see what we're doing. However, on the mobile app this is simply not enough especially on big cities with huge and tall buildings. I've read here on the forums that other people have the same struggle.

So the idea i got is when we intend moving or building things on the app, to change the city screen to a simplified city layout - a grid without textures and animations, only the current buildings and roads outlined on it , with an icon to mark what each building is. Something like the elvenarchitect's city builder for an example. Or changing the perspective of the city so we could see it from above, rather than seeing it from an angle. Should be triggered by tapping on building/moving buttons and deactivated with pressing the back button. If i'm not wrong, should be easy to implement.