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Question Building List


Is there anywhere, a list of buildings in your city, which lists whether they are available for upgrade, expired, etc?
Would be useful to have a comparison of population and culture between buildings to assess which ones to remove to allow expansion.


Hello Rock,

There is a website called "Elvenar architect" or something. It has a big list of many elvenar buildings.
Another website that could help is gems of knowledge. That website provides guides and information about events and their rewards (with chapter stat comparisons)

Have a nice weekend,


Ahh, I see. If it's forbidden to mention 3rd party websites. Please feel free to delete that post. I don't mind.

Have fun!


Ah alright, sorry! I thought it was because mentioning other websites is forbidden. Some forums have such rules.


Ah alright, sorry! I thought it was because mentioning other websites is forbidden. Some forums have such rules.
Try 'Elven Architect' ;)

But I read the original post as asking whether we could see/have a list of the specific buildings in our particular city, and an associated status listing of each of our city buildings with respect to their upgrade and situation statistics.

'Could be handy. However part of the game fun is to keep track of these little mysteries ourselves. :cool::p


Completely correct @SkyRider99 ElvenArchitect is a great website which can easily assist in many in-game problems. The website itself has full data on every building that exists, or existed, in Elvenar. Might want to check the battle simulator aspect of the website to assist in battles. As for the '3rd party website rule' I am genuinely happy that no such rule exists in the Elvenar Forum, since there are great websites out there that can assist your game experience.


yes Elvenarchitect...If you can figure out how to use it. Anyone good at it, please post some tips. Or point me to a tutorial? THANKS! ~C

Sir Derf

Maybe not all buildings, but if you load your city into ElvenArchitect and look at the reports generated by Pop, Culture, resource production, etc., you'll probably get most of what you need. Nerd that I am, I copy/paste from those reports into Excel and with a little massaging get comprehensive lists that allow me to slice and dice and make decisions about event prizes priorities and upgrade priorities.


I personally use the city plan feature integrated into elvenstats most of all. Also like the report there, but most often to skip counting my WS/Facs during the FAs lol.

For building comparisons there is another tab I believe it is called buildings? A very rough list of buildings sorted by efficiency that can be filtered as well. But I am not an expert in that. It´s not hard to navigate though.

There are lots of other tools, but I have no clue about them :D