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Builders hut


How come some players always do their "helping out" and target the Builders hut, even one is not in a building mood and the building hut is far off hidden away even?
This when one have loads of other culture things to press on to help out.. I just found it odd

Flame Knight

If you do visits on the app you do not have to look for it.


Flame knight means that if the player giving neighbourly help is playing on a mobile phone, they don't need to search for the builder.

In answer to your original question, it's probably that player's preference. I get a player that always gives to my main hall. I actually ask people to help my builder first. It helps with when you just can't build fast enough.


One reason: When you do need help for builders, you really need it. Help for the Builder's Hut, is kept/stored and does not expire until you use it; but the help for culture burns up /expires. And, as you point out, there are plenty of culture buildings out there to help. As the BH is helped, then folks are forced to choose another structure to help (usually culture). The Builder' Hut is a unique building and is harder to find on the browser version. True, it is much easier to help (in all forms) on the mobile version of the game. But, not all players use the mobile version, yet.

Bottom line: many folks prefer help to the Builder's Hut, as a priority, and then prefer help for culture buildings as a secondary choice. Because this is what they prefer, this is also how they help (in many cases).

As you build relationships with your neighbors, you will hopefully find plenty of folks to help (in all forms).


@Quinoa just to clarify, as you don't use the app... When giving NH on the app (mobile) you don't even open a player's city. You click and it brings up 3 icons - 1) The Main Hall 2) The highest available culture building 3) The Builder's Hut.

People will hopefully look at which of the 3 is requested in the City name, but if nothing then people just pick one. Builder's Hut is usually a good bet as many people prefer it.

Also bear in mind that if people are giving NH to the people on their world map they are often doing hundreds and spending no more than 2 seconds on each one. A lot of fast clicking means not everyone is choosing carefully.