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Boosted goods


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Elvenar Team
Did you know ...

That producing goods in your boosted manufactories is more efficient than producing in the non-boosted manufactories? You will need the same amount of coins and supplies in both types but depending on your boost you will produce a lot more goods.

When creating an account, the game defines what goods will be boosted. How can you find out which good is boosted? Have a look in your Main Hall and in your research book. Already in chapter 1 is a box to research your boost. Once you have finalised the research of that box, your boost will get activated. At that point, your goods tab in the Main Hall will mark the boosted goods with a yellow background.

How can you modify your boost? You will need relics to increase it. If you open your Main Hall and click on the Relics tab, you can see how many relics you already own for each good. Your boosted good is highlighted with a yellow background and below is a box where it tells you the percentage of your boost. When you have 500 relics of that good, you will reach the maximum boost of 700 %.

Where and how can you get more relics? There are several options. The main one is provinces and tournaments. You scout a province and then you work your way through all encounters. For each encounter you will receive 1 relic. If you have the Ancient Wonder 'Endless Excavation' in your city, you can get additional relics when completing a province. How many depends on the level of the Endless Excavation. Tournaments are an even better source for relics, but you need to be in a Fellowship in order to access them. Tournaments take place every week and their types follow the list of relics in your Main Hall/Relics tab.

This is the reason why Elvenar recommends to concentrate on your boosted goods and trade those in for your non-boosted goods.


You can also determine boosts by looking at the world map. This is how you can determine other peoples boosts as well :)

Every town has its 3 boosted goods shown by the 3 provinces directly touching their town at 12, 4 and 8 o´clock.


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Elvenar Team
I should mention that the mobile tutorial is completely simulated, and you only get placed on the actual world map when you have worked your way through it. This also means that the boosted good in the simulation can differ from the one you will be assigned once placed on the map. Also the Main Hall does not update this immediately.