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Question BlueStacks


I have performance problems with my Mac at the moment, and am looking for a better way to play. At the moment I play using the web browser. Is BlueStacks a good app? would it help my Macs performance?


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
We suggest reaching out to Apple as it may be that you need to update your devices drivers if you are having performance issues with it. Drivers tend to be outdated quite quickly, especially when it comes to graphics. We can find no mention of BlueStacks as an enhancement at all for Apple devices as it is purely a way to download an app the same as the App Store/Google Play/Amazon etc:
We assume that you are using the PC version of Mac rather than the iOS? which would need our app downloaded rather than our browser version which you mention .
Please reach out to our wonderful Support Team to help you with configuration if you need additional help :)