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Blueprints should appear under Inventory > Instants



Royal Restorations appear under instants so I don't understand why blueprints don't.

As it stands there is no way to see how many blueprints you have on the mobile app.



There is also no easy way to see on PC also unless you have a magic building that requires upgrade.

I agree they should be in the inventory to see easily.


You can see on app how many blueprints you have on those rare occassions that you can craft Royal Restorations from a blueprint in the Magic Academy. Then the information will be displayed when you tap the round blue button with the three white dots in it.

Would certainly be helpful if we can see the quantities again under Inventory Instants as we could in the beginning. Don’t know why we stopped being able to do so.


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Ahhhh I see all my wonderful Plus 1's are back :D Let me ask the question and i'll get back to you marvellous creatures :)


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Hi Guys! On this occasion it would have to be a no. I've been advised that we would be unable to place Blueprints into Instants as they are not classed as Instant Spells but a means of crafting in the Magic Academy and of course to upgrade Magic Buildings. These are also extremely rare given the achievements required to get them, and whilst they may be regularly gained by some, they are not gained regularly by all. In view of that it has been decided previously that they would remain as it is. Unfortunately there is no current view to amend this now or in the future.


I agree with @Pauly7 there must be a way that they can make it so we can see how many blueprints we have. As of right now i know i have some but do not know how many. I have no magic buildings in my city so can't use the upgrade tab.


Bugs me how things are classified. Blue prints are as much an instant as most other things, like the evolving artifacts. You may have it forever, but it takes only an instant to use. :p


The significant difference in type between Blueprints and Royal Restorations escapes me .. both come from tourney and are used in some way in building upgrades.
Yet the RRs are shown on the Instants tab ... why not Blueprints the same?


Whatever is done, please do not nerf Blueprints. Leave them as is, if not easy/possible to show their total. There are options available today. A player can always ask support for individual number.

Hint: if enough folks continue to ask support, they might see the need to automate this query.


My guess is that logics has nothing to do with the problem. Of course they should be the same as RR spells, the problem is in the game code they have nothing to do with each other. Blue prints are old, they were coded a long time a ago and they were never meant to even stay in the game, it was kind of a thing they tested (doesn´t even have a real name! if I remember correctly they were going to change the name to something more fantasy style in the final version) and then just never got finalized. By now they are so embedded in our economies they can´t be changed anymore without major trouble, as you may remember when RR spells were introduced. First they were going to substitute blueprints with RRs (at was it 10 for 1?) But people hated it so instead they kept the blueprint and added 5 RR to tourney rewards. Btw another huge increase in tourney rewards back then without any additional work for it.

So basically blueprints are relic code that isn´t even really supposed to be there. And that is why they don´t feel like spending tons of time to make blueprints fit the new game now. It would be very small benefit to the game (a little added convenience) for a lot of investment. So I doubt it will ever happen. They spend their time on stuff that they can actually sell...