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Block Player Option


No, that didn't happen. Sorry, but this misinformation annoys me.

If I've educated even one person on how tax brackets work this little rant was worth it.

Eeek! You are HIRED! and now I get why the tax preparer makes so much money. :::Educated over here, but still using a tax guy:::


This has probably been suggested before but please could we have a "block player option" for those of us who do not appreciate players coming in and adding just one or a few KP to an Ancient Wonder and blocking places that our Fellowship colleagues or frequently visiting neighbours could have? There are very few players who do this but I find them to be an enormous nuisance as I then have to spend time getting them "bumped" down and off chests. I have tried asking, nicely, in the past that they stop. Some have been great with that, others downright abusive.
I know some players don't mind the interlopers, but a lot of others do. A simple "block" button would spare a lot of ill-feeling and the interlopers could rest assured that they are only visiting cities where they are welcome. So it would be a win-win. You could chose to use it, or not use it as best suits your thinking and style of play.
Just sent a message with the same request. My invaders are coming from the same fellowship, which is High Ranking. Its not a nice way to get chests. I would like to suggest that perhaps the chests would go only to players within the fellowship. This way they can put as many KPs they like.
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Ok, I would admit to being lied to then (have no idea why).

But, my principle point is still valid.
It's not even lies, I don't think. I hear the same thing you've said so often. People suddenly think that if they earn just above the threshold that their whole wages will be taxed 40%. Not the case, as @Ruprecht says. Similarly, even if you're a footballer earning £500,000 a week you still don't get taxed at all on the first few thousand pounds a year earned (I can't remember exactly how much).

However, what I thought you were going to say originally was that the secret pay-rise assumed that person would take on extra responsibilities that they hadn't agreed to... That would be a good reason for refusing it.


One normal kp hunter won´t ever add more Kp than what he´s gonna get in the chests he´s trying to get, so in order for you and your fellows to get him out you must to do a constant KP swapping. What you´re telling us here is that this AW that you got almost completed was not totally filled with your Fellows contributions, cause when it happens even the lowest chests of five kp are cover by fellows with 10 or even much more KP in your AW, what you must have done is asking your fellows to take your swaps so they could add much more kp and leave not space or motivation for the interloper to add more.
Why dont Fellowships put 10 in so that it is a fair claim to a chest?
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Lot of player in Elvenar do that, is called kp hunting, is something allowed and it has its trick. You´re complaining that Fellowships are leaving 1KP!?
Yes other fellowships do that too, and we do keep an eye all the time to kick the hunters out. Its frustrating. We don't mind helping out, but this is not a nice way of playing the game.
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We dont mind helping out, but this is not a nice way of playing the game.
Many things in this game are unfair, much more than you or your fellows having to bump and verify AW per AW out of interlopers.
But kp hunting is something that many fellowships and players love and think that is the only manner to get more KP to upgrade their AWs fast enough.
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@DunkelSaturn @MagicTasha Please refrain from publicly discussing specific Fellowships on the Forum. The ability to add Knowledge Points into anyone's Ancient Wonder is a discussion that is consistently raised and passed along to our Team, however, in the meantime we ask that Players/Fellowships first and foremost politely converse with each other in game to resolve any issues they may have. If this cannot be dealt with in a manner that benefits all parties, we then ask that players raise their concerns with our Support Team.

Kind Regards

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@DunkelSaturn @MagicTasha The ability to add Knowledge Points into anyone's Ancient Wonder is a discussion that is consistently raised and passed along to our Team,
If they block this ability many people, fellowships and all Elevenar would be affected in general. If InnoGames changes this to please some players that don´t know how to use KP swap threads, WS system or KP Loan system and could easily avoid people from trying to take their chests, would be the heights..


I know how to use KP threads and I too find it annoying.
I have succeeded in stopping it in the past by dropping a message that says I have an active FS and so they will get nothing.
If you´re using KP swap threads THEN you´re getting 1-5kp for free :D


Sorry, I can't help myself bursting in laughter

I am a hunter. Kill me (if u can). :D:D:D:D:D:D
I do not have any remorse for snatching some chests from players/ FS who don't know how or are incapable to manage a proper way to secure their chests. Most of the time it works, sometimes I got tricked and lost, but I am not bitter about that. On the opposite side, I had some donors with huge amounts (dunno why they did it), I just said Thank You! and I was glad for the present even though our FS lost the biggest chest.

Our FS is using Wonder Society System successfully. No interloper has a chance against our intervention team. This means to have a good FS with a good communication. Knowing that no one will give more than he can gets back (*with some exceptions, ofc), it's just a piece of cake to let them without a chest.



On the opposite side. I had some donors with huge amounts (dunno why they did)

I will say that I was one of these "huge" donors early on, before I joined/created my fellowship. I did the calculations on specific AWs in younger active cities that neighbored me. I placed the exact amount of KP in those AWs to ensure I would get the max number of rune shards for the particular AWs that I was trying to build. Again, this was early on, when my discovered provinces was very small and I had no AWs, or very few and I did not have fellows to help/rely on.

There is a place for this kind of KP play (large donations) outside of the fellowship. And, as pointed out by the not-so-friendly KP snipers, the annoyance of loosing a chest here or there can easily be avoided by fellowship coordination.

Therefore, I would be against a blockade.

To those that really find the 1 KP chest sniper infuriating: relax, take a breath, it's just a game, it is not like they are stealing anything. They have to do the research and "hunt" for the opportunities. A lower chest is their reward.

Strategy 1: Ignore the chest rewards and who they go to.
Strategy 2: Organize a KP swap in any of the many configurations discussed on The Form
Strategy 3: I don't know if this one has been posted earlier, but: Organize a bombard KP dump on any newly opened AW level to prevent snipers from qualifying, or to push them off the chest leader board.

Once snipers see that an individual (or fellowship) is not a good target, they will move on to easier targets.


I used to be an active KP hunter until about a year ago, when suddenly KP wasn´t a desirable resource anymore ;)
From my perspective a lot of time and effort go into efficient KP hunting, but it can also be a lot of fun and turned into an exiting activity for the entire FS. There are of course many ways to go about it ending up donating 1 KP or more than 100 KP depending on style and situation. But anyway it is so easy to avoid becoming a target it really isn´t worth making a big scene about it. Most people were rather happy about getting free KP though. If some aren´t well, they just need a reality check :D