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BETA - Notifications are no longer capped at ten pages


News from Beta Server - Notifications are no longer capped at ten pages! Now all history is shown for five days!!
This means that you can visit twice a week and still not miss returning the visit of anyone who visited you - though or course you don't get Supplies if you wait too long to return the visit.

"Dear Humans and Elves, Today's update includes the following content:
Balancing: The notification history has been changed from 10 pages to 5 days."

Wonderful news! No longer will we miss neighbor's who visit us, who are then forced off the bottom of the page before you can return the visit!!
:) :) :)
Now that we have so many more active neighbors after The Big Move, this was an essential change. Well done designers!!

It would be smart now to re-visit every neighbor on your map, to reopen contact with lost regular visitors. If that seems like too many, try visiting everyone who is in a fellowship which may perhaps indicate that they are active. Visits on the Mobile App are much faster than on the Browser - for those who did not know.