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Question Best order for goods creation in S & D?


I'm trying to work out the most efficient way to produce the Guest Race goods in S & D. I've got three of each type of building (currently at level 2) and the Campus is also at level 2. I'm not sure it's worth upgrading them any more because the apprentice production cannot be made faster!

My biggest problem seems to be that I just can't figure out the "right" order to make things in. I've been just making what I can, when I can, so it feels like pot luck, but I know I need a plan. Please help!


Last week I finished S&D chapter for the third time and exactly as in previous cities I had problems with Apprentices. Every guest race building upgrade you do increases the production of apprentices. However, those apprentices are also consumed faster in those upgraded buildings. It's whole very annoying setup.

Anyway, Campus at level 2 is still low. If you can make space, upgrade it to level 4. That's the optimal strategy in most, probably all, chapters. I don't have specific plan to share with you, but you can definitely read a lot of information about the chapter on Elvengems: https://www.gamersgemsofknowledge.com/sorcerers-dragons-chapter-x

Btw, from what I remember, I had Blooming Trader Guild wonder in one of the previous cities and while it does increase various guest race productions, it did NOT increase production of Apprentices. I think it was after this that I deleted the wonder. I hope I remember it correctly (there is certainly someone who can confirm or disprove this claim).


I'm not sure how this relates specifically with S&D, but the general rule with guest races is always upgrade the portal (campus) to maximum first before doing anything else. It often feels like it is taking longer, but it is the quickest way overall.


I found the Apprentices worked out alright, the more you upgrade your faculties the more you get. Once you start the long productions in your faculties, the apprentices have time to grow. At least that is how it worked for me...
PP spells don´t need Apprentices when you are stuck ;)