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***Best Fellowship Ever***



Owl's Empire

"Our fellowship is awesome, it really is the best!

Each member has a T-shirt, a mascot on their chest:

A gerbil in a tutu, a bonnet on its head

Performs the Owl's haka, instilling fear and dread."
© E. Trunk (2018)


Some of our glorious achievements:

-Sometimes our KP exchange mail goes utterly Tilt!
-All our members have a Golden Abyss leveled to at least lvl 3!
-We built the most Wooden Trails ever!
-We not just buy the "Shrooms of Joy" but eat them too!
-One of our members built 91 mushroom farms!
-Our FS has the biggest variety of creepy avatars!
-One of us finished the last event in 1 day, 3 hrs, 41 min and 16 sec!
-Sun always shines the brightest in our cities!
-Our trades go so fast, speed of farts cant keep up!
-We have the best animal toilet humor ever!
-We daily collect at least 69 chests during NH!
-All buildings ever released can be found in one of our inventories!
-An average of 24.89531452155 golden handshakes a day!
-Last month we rocked the boat with our ranking points progress!
-We are 25 honest players who dislike cheatahs!
-No orc ever got lost in our orderly organized cities!
-Chest 10 is easier for us than baking an egg or two and a half!
-We goof around in chat till manatears run down our cheecks!

Have fun! :)


With apologies to Aneurin and Y Gododdin.........

Together arise the associated warriors,
To Winyandor the loquacious multitude eagerly march;
The effect of mead in the hall, and the beverage of wine.
Cities were scattered around the world map.
Illustrious became the knights of Owl’s Empire:--
Renowned, ardent spirits, the gerbils, human and elf.

Together arise the associated warriors,
Strangers once to all, their deeds shall be heard of.
Merit does not accord with the rear but
Forward in pursuit (do not countenance evil deeds),
With fairness, alt-free, ready to share joy in endeavour.

The folk of Owl’s Empire rise with the day
Around an all-knowing, wisdom-rich sovereign.
This is Bagoly by name, the most senior leader.
Fair and just, affording good counsel to all.
Steadfast her partner Owl Trainer, a rock.
Founder, and in the foremost rank,
Always to be found in plain and pass
And province.

Owl’s Empire, respect of thee will I demand.
Gimliala, triumphant in adversity, learned in battle.
Pimpy and Edward, blythe spirits.
Chaffing, cajoling, ever pushing to the fore.
Quixotic, teasing, releasing cascades of joyous repartee.

Owl’s Empire, respect of thee will I demand.
In the presence of twentyfive that are named in deeds of valour.
And of Sampler, steady source of wisdom,
Evita, learned in the sorcerous arts.
Stoneyhurst, lately come, leading the count, an exemplar,
Sly Lichie and HRU, forefront in battle,
Enablers, trusted fighters, sharers of the blue tickets.

He supported war-frogs and war-dryads.
Soaked with gore on red-stained battle ground
Is the shaft of the army of Owl’s Empire,
The angry dog of war upon the towering hill.
Undefeated, devious and knowing
The secrets of the enemy are an open book to Xan.

Owl’s Empire, respect of thee will I demand,
And of the fair game which was played in front of the hosts of Winyandor.
A splendid troop of warriors, successful against a myriad of men,
Come Llago, the Rogue and Mudwiggle.
Adventurers in battle, worn out were their shields, and battered their helmets.

Who shall sing the praises of bold Kulik Hael
(the ever generous)
Of Bunny, Imp, Cinnamon, of Radvik
Stalwarts of the shield wall, steady,
Ever advancing.

Owl’s Empire, respect of thee will I demand.
Jewels of the host SeaStar, CruelCold and Radul
Ever present
Of Burn and Kali, of Genkie the bards
Shall praise their deeds.​
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We have the best bards in all Winyandor!
Our efforts and glories live on in folklore.
We suffer not cheats and their ill-gotten gains
All hail to the Owls while Bagoly reigns.
We thrive on the pressure
The friendship we treasure.
Upwards we soar, higher and higher,
All hail to the members of the Owl's empire!


Grab a cold one and sing along!!!!

There once was a gerbil from Budapest
who entered a contest for best dressed,
a bonnet and a tutu, was all she posessed
but blessed with a judge who was impressed

♪♫Laalalalalaaaaala, Laalalalalaaaala♪♫

There once was a gerbil from Crete
who was of a delicate neat breed
he refused to cheat and instead of retreat
the complete alt army he'd beat and defeat

♪♫Laalalalalaaaaala, Laalalalalaaaala♪♫

There once was a gerbil from Brighton
whose city was admired by everyone
shining sun, event buildings won
the massive beauty really made all others stun

♪♫Laalalalalaaaaala, Laalalalalaaaala♪♫

There once was a gerbil from Stuttgart
who knew the art of battle by heart
before the fight would start, all enemies depart
'cause he had them outsmart with a fart

♪♫Laalalalalaaaaala, Laalalalalaaaala♪♫

There once was a gerbil from Kent
who wrote on the forum to vent
about certain content, meant with ego intent
to prevent any further torment (no comment)

♪♫Laalalalalaaaaala, Laalalalalaaaala♪♫


This is fantastic. It warmed my heart :) Thanks so much.