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Open Basic Collection and receiving articles such as Arcane Residue!


Hi Guys,

This is not just since today lol but it annoyed me so much I decided to write a note in here because this problem
is with all articles and not just this one example.

I had 6 vision vapor in my bag and crafted 23 making a grand total of? ok ok 29 vision vapor.
I need and wanted arcane residue which costs... 9 vision vapor per item, so far so good.
drum rolls - - - low and behold for 29 vision vapor I get one dam arcane residue instead of 3!
You do agree that is that 3 times 9 is 27 do you NOT?

When I consider you people earn cash with this game then the least you could get right is the basic math...

Forget the nice little extras till the basics are working!

Regards, Holo


Have you never before made more than is asked in the quests? It works exactly the same for all quests. So yes what you experienced is exactly working as intended.
Feel free to use the search function, you will find this topic coming up every FA (including this one already once as well).
Also nobody (AFAIK) disagrees with you in how it SHOULD work.