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AW Runes Broken too often


It appears that the game designers have determined that the chance of a rune breaking is dependent on how many of the total runes a player has. The rune is never broken if you have no runes for an AW. However, as you get closer to the final 9 runes needed the chance of the rune breaking increases dramatically.

When we are donating to other people's AWs it takes a lot of KP to ensure you get a rune then when all it does is break, that's a lot of KP wasted. This has happen 5 times in a row costing me 100s of KP. It makes more sense to put that KP into my own AW. This doesn't foster collaborative play. It only fosters competitive play. One of the main reasons I like playing this game is that it is collaborative. People help each other to gain higher achievements. This system of runes breaking more often just because I am closer to completing means I don't want to help anyone with their AWs. I'm better off just helping myself.


It's hard to follow you but you simply contest the principle that leads runes to break... that is the basic of all lotteries. You never break the first rune you put because all the 9 rooms are free so, no matter which rune out of the nine you get, it will found a room and won't break...
From this point, for each new rune you will try to fit, you'll get exactly the same chance to find any rune (1 out of 9) but because one room is already filled, only 8 runes will have a chance to fit, the ninth will break on its copy that is already placed, 1/9 chance to break...
You've put 2 runes, the next you will try will have 2/9 chance to break
you've put 3 runes, the next you will try will have 3/9 chance to break,
Nothing unfair there... It's like searching to park your car when you are late at job... Of course it's cool when there is no one on Sunday, but it's now monday 8:10am, you came late and most of the places are already taken.

2nd point, lot of players overload other's AW with 5 time or more the payback in KP, they try to buy runes and doing this are pushing other helpers back... what is cooperative in this behavior ? do encounters, you will get runes without paying KPs that you'll be able to use more efficiently in your own AW, and will even stay being able to help others with a reasonnable amount of KP...


Thank you for explaining the principle behind how runes are broken. May I suggest that the rune is displayed so the player can see whether they have that rune already and thus understand why it is being broken. That does not seem to be apparent. It would also be beneficial to know what rune you will get if you are the highest donator to someone else's AW. Players seeking a specific rune would be encouraged to donate more to get the rune they need rather than wasting KP on something that they may already.

As for completing provinces to get runes, I would like runes for all the provinces I have completed prior to AWs being introduced. Having been an early adopter of this game I have been disadvantaged due to the late release of AWs. Therefore new players can gain runes for every province they complete whereas seasoned players have missed that opportunity. Our only option is to try and get them from helping those new players. If, as you say, I would get all the runes I need from completing provinces then that would indicate that the correct set of runes have been allocated to provinces and that they do not randomly generate runes when completed. If this is the case then once again, seasoned players miss out on previously completed provinces.

As for overloading AWs I don't understand how you can get 5 times the KP payback if you are donating large amounts of KP to an AW. I see some players donating over 100KP to secure getting the 1 or 2 or 3 runes as a reward. They certainly don't get back 500 KP as a reward. A member of my FS has donated 186KP to a level 11 Mountain Halls and if they stay in the top position they will receive 3 runes and 25KP as a reward. 25KP is hardly 5 times 186KP so I don't see how people are rorting the system. They only way I can see this happening is if a player donates to their own AW then at the final small amount remaining, someone else donates a small amount of KP and gets a huge reward. If this is what you mean then I don't have a solution to that. There will always be people who will take advantage of loopholes like this. For those of us who are genuinely contributing there is no way to determine whether we are wasting KP or not. If I knew what rune I would get as a reward I could search for AWs giving that rune and contribute to them. I would therefore have a vested interest in contributing. Under the current system I am better off contributing to my own AW thus creating the situation in which people can take advantage of getting 5 or more times their KP investment.


The more of the AWs that you unlock, the more runes that you have to acquire. The rune shards when they break all factor into each other, so even if you are just getting shards you can use them to unlock the AW that you are wanting to get. I only have 4 AWs unlocked and just got the first one built 2 days ago from figuring this out.


Thanks for the heads up Koekaker. This looks to be some valuable information. Where did you source the graph? Can you provide a link please?


What about "probability" on gaining certain rune?

level relic rune
10 silk high men
8 planks watchtower ruins
tournament P1L3 planks needles
9 crystal needles
tournament P1L4 planks watchtower ruins
9 scrolls high men
9 crystal high men
8 marble needles
9 marble endless excavation
7 elixir golden abyss
8 planks needles
9 silk ToS
9 marble needles
8 steel needles
9 silk golden abyss
tournament P1L3 crystal ToS
tournament P2L3 crystal needles
8 planks crystal lighthouse
8 gems needles
tournament P1L4 crystal martial monastery
tournament P2L4 crystal high men
9 gems martial monastery
9 gems watchtower ruins
9 gems endless excavation
9 silk martial monastery
9 scrolls needles
9 scrolls crystal lighthouse
8 elixir endless excavation
8 elixir high men
tournament P1L3 scrolls martial monastery
5 magic dust crystal lighthouse
9 silk golden abyss
tournament P1L4 scrolls endless excavation
8 elixir martial monastery
8 elixir crystal lighthouse
10 gems ToS
9 gems watchtower ruins
9 gems watchtower ruins
tournament P1L3 silk high men
tournament P1L4 silk ToS
tournament P2L4 silk high men
8 elixir needles
10 gems ToS
9 gems ToS
9 magic dust needles
9 steel golden abyss
tournament P1L3 elixir ToS
Do you still think is random?


abyss - 4
tome - 7
excavation - 4
needles - 11
lighthouse - 4
monastery - 5
ruins - 5
thrones - 7

I don't see anything unusual here.
With uniform distribution and such number of attempts it isn't enough chances to receive approximate equal quantity of runes for all wonders as you expected.

P.S. I assume that you have no other unlocked wonders than listed.
This partial data from when I started writing down. All were unlocked.

Before started collecting rune shrads info I had locked needles & excavation and still wasn't able to complete Lighthouse or monastery.

My extra runes 54x ToS, 35x GA, 13 Needless. The rest are still incomplete.

How much would it take to people acknowledge is not random and/or equally spread %?
50000 rune shrads?
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Firstly, your question about chances of gaining runes was not on a subject of my post.
Sorry, I have no wish to analize futher your "partial" info presented in unclear view for me.
If you want to unveil situation with bias of randomization you should have a large number of observations or address your question to developers ;).
They say all is fine and claiming is random. :)
Developers are the only one who can prove thing is not random since they have access to huge amount of data.

I guess i'm not that "lucky" as Timon:


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