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Autumn Zodiac Event


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to discuss the new Autumn Zodiac Event.

We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Thank you for this early announcement!
The graphics is awesome as usual (based on what I saw on beta), so I’m looking forward to getting some new buildings in my live city.

And I like the new system for claiming main prizes. For some reason it bothered me that every 20 points some prize was thrown at me. Now I can claim them when I want.

That makes me wonder - what happens if I don’t claim these prizes? Will there be some nice autocollect announcement at the end of the event? Or is it “you snooze you lose”?


Will we ever get a Squirrel pet? Bears are fine, but Squirrels are awesome too. Will still fit the Autumn theme. Special function - one extra space move during fighting to reflect the quick movements of squirrels.


I like the idea of a pet for FAs, finally something new :)


I couldn´t get my butt in gear yesterday to look through the chest options so I didn´t spend any yet. But I am thinking the Ranger building will be fun if it comes back, otherwise it will be troop instants as always.

Questline is finished, so I am now back to normal play again until one of these dailies shows up. Should have time until then to figure out my preferred box sequence, but most likely I will go slavishly grand prize only to maximize the chances for a finished red panda. I haven´t cared too much if I finish the evolving building or not since I guess the original bears (although I always managed anyway). this time I do care lol, so it´s probably the one time when my luck runs out...


Also someone mentioned getting a second egg may be worth it for FAs... I have to admit I am tempted... 4 instead of 3 VV is even one more notch appealing :)
It´s obviously a waste of pet food for most people in most situations but I can afford the pet food and the FAs don´t last that long.


The devs need fresh blood, every event these days is produce standard goods, supplies, collect relics or do encounters/regular/spire/tournament in slight variation with far too much repetition often on back to back quests, its the same every event recently and becomes less and less interesting.
An FA with 2 artifacts following has happened every time but 1 for the past 2 years to my knowledge.

Even old quests we used to get like move a building were less boring.


A real quest would be to find a FS for a solo player (or as an alternative to form one). And for people in a FS make them do FS help (numbers depending on preferred difficulty, could entice small FS to invite more players for example) and accept FS trades (which would require some cooperation for people to add trades on demand).
That should be an early quest every event.

Sir Derf

Not to be negative, and I like your idea in general, but I would be on the side of those who complain over a quest they could not complete because it is contingent on other players actions.