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Open August FA, bracelet badge not counting correctly


There seems to be a problem with the bracelet badge in the FA that just started. If several manufacturies are collected with a swipe, or even clicked quickly, then only one is counted towards the badge. For example, 9 L23 marbles, on 3 hour production making 2460 each. Swipe them all and the badge only shows 2460 progress, rather than the correct 22140. I've tried this on 2 accounts, and 2 different browsers (not tried mobile).
For them to count correctly it's necessary to collect each, then wait for the ! to appear on the left beside the FA quest icon before clicking the next.


Not just bracelets it seems, it's also the case for statues and probably also other collections. Glad it's being fixed! Missing some very valuable bracelet badges now...


I think not. I collected after the servers went off line and I am short on the number of bracelets I should have. I collected less than 30 min ago.


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Elvenar Team
Hi Again @Giraffi!! I've just had it confirmed that this should have been fixed and they've had no further concerns. If you would like to raise a ticket to Support, they can have a look into your scenario and hopefully get this resolved :)

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I'm assuming this is a bug - the cost of my golden bracelets has increased this morning from 52k to 61k
The cost was 52k which was 8*3hr steel manu productions, so I could make 1 bracelet every 3 hrs - now 1 bracelet will cost 6hrs?


I don´t believe anyone would voluntarily play that chapter, so it is clearly a bug that bit the hag :p


@Gargon667 I just recall @OldHag saying that they were coming to the end of Chapter 16 not long ago so I'm wondering if they may have opened the Chapter mid Fellowship Adventure...
I guess Orcish sarcasm didn´t work :D Orcs can´t be seen in publich supporting non-orcish ideas, so the agree ment has to be hidden, but I guess it was hidden too well...