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Assassins - Path of Blood and Glory

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Inspired by my dear fellow Alduil, I have decided to make a thread to show how proud I am to be playing alongside some really amazing and wonderful people.

Not to mention it is also to brag about our achievements - we current are the strongest tournament FS on the EN server (taking into account some of the previous weeks) and we are getting better and more amazing!

Assassins, thank you all for uniting and working hard every week!!!


Gems tourni


Now tis is a real cliff-hanger... Will we make the remaining 3218 points or not... :p

Joke aside - thanks guys - I love ya all :)

Happy gaming :)

Part 2


43h to spare :p

I feel privileged to play with these amazing ppl!

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Gems part 3


Excellent week for Assassin- 67 416 points!!!!! We are second by less than 300 points. (I believe 3rd score among all FS recorded on Elven stats :) ). Congrats to Dragons of perm for their effort this week :)

On a different note, in top 7, there are 4 Assassins :) What a fabulous achievement. My teammate Misho rocked this week :) Risky and Kib also kicked a** :p


WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!! I am so lucky to be able to play with such dedicated ppl.

As for me personally - another tourni cycle has finished - with my 2 accounts I managed to get into Top 100 15 times :) (4 times in top 10 and a couple of personal best). I was not able to play for the Silk tourni as I usually do, so for next cycle the goal is Top 100 for both accounts in all 9 tournaments. Does not seem so hard from where I am now...

Once more, Assassins - GREAT TOURNI :)
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Marble tourni - part 1

Well, we have been through some changes. Some misunderstanding have arisen, some members are no longer with us, some no longer play... :(

But we still continue to fight :)

That is what I love about the people that play in Assassins - never give up and go forward :)

10 chest here we come! :)

PS. I am retiring one part of our FS description but will commemorate our success here :

start date 05/05/18.
Marble Tournament - 5 members - 6 chests
Steel Tournament - 8 members - 7 chests
Planks Tournament - 15 members - 8 chests
Crystal tournament - 20 members - 10 chests on 4th day first team to get 40k
Final score 52K No1 in team rankings
Scrolls Tournament -10 chests on 4th day first team to get 40k
Final score 49k No2 in team rankings
Silk Tournament - 10 chests on 4th day first team to get 40k
final score 47k No1 team in rankings
Elixir Tournament - 10 chests on 4th day 32hrs to spare!
final score 59k No1 team rankings
Dust Tournament - 10 chests on 4th day first team to 40k
final score 58k No1 team ranking
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YAY! Happy for you all my Empress! :) Miss you but also happy in the Cow Tipping Dwarves, we didn't do bad here ourselves... easy 10 chests and talking about that maybe there should be an extra chest, the eleventh... needed 10K more points with rewards with 2 extra blueprints and +50KP's :cool:

Have a great weekend players! Sha'smooces xo :D


Happy for you too Notts - I am glad you are having fun :)

Yeah know the feeling - always doing a lot more than the 40k there :p

You also have nice weekend and don't be a stranger!


PS.if you saved the psd - can you correct my title?