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Answered Ashen Phoenix


Hi all,

Now that the Ashen Phoenix is no longer a prize in the spire...and that the Fairy Queen is...for those of us who have recently toiled away to get a stage 2-3 evolve Phoenix, where will the Ashen Phoenix evolve artifacts be available? ...and for that matter, how or where does one obtain a Fairy Queen?


Silly Bubbles

Fairy Queen base will be offered in the Magic Academy crafting the same time as its artifacts are a prize in Spire.
In regards to Ashen Phoenix, I don't think that anyone can give you an accurate answer. I'd keep an eye on the crafting in the Magic Academy and see whether anything good comes up. I wouldn't put my hopes up but things can change. Also, there's always new evolving buildings offered in events that are often better than most of the old ones.

Sir Derf

They have been rotating at one building or building group every 6 weeks. There are currently 18 buildings or building groups. That's a period of 6*18 = 108 weeks, or just over 2 years, and that's not counting if new buildings or building groups are added. So, my current estimate is a about Oct 2024.