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Question Ashen Phoenix accidentally deleted...

By accident I clicked something that I shouldn´t have clicked and erased my 4th level Ashen Phoenix. Is there any hope that I could get it back if I contact support? Do you think that they could help me with this or I must to forget about it?


They do it, though there are many limitations. You seem to qualify, though:
- The building must not be possible to build again (wonders or regular buildings). Your Ashen Phoenix qualifies there.
- It’s not something they do regularly, they repeatedly said it’s just one case per player. So choose wisely when you want to use this option.
- Ask them nicely. ;)


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Please pop us a ticket into support and we can take a look for you @DunkelSaturn and as FieryArien says as this is a one of our special buildings in Elvenar, we are indeed able to look at replacing it for you :)