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Asgard is looking to fill 2 places in their genuinely friendly and supportive team, due to 2 fellows retiring from the game. We would love it if you had Elixir as a boost, but it is not the deal breaker. The size of your city is not important, wanting to be part of an active and friendly team is.

Tournament participation is voluntary, however if you start a tourney - a minimum of 400 points is requested.

We are getting 10 chests most weeks and they seem like a walk in the park.

FA participation is voluntary and we do an organised FA every other one.

Visits required - 3 per week but more if you can.

Cross-trades are limited, however normal trades are usually taken within a few hours.

We have active KP threads to help grow your wonders, weekly quizzes and incentives to help the growth of our youngest cities.

Asgard currently ranks 23 on the EN3 server and in the top 25 for weekly tournaments.

Please contact Joemork in-game if you would like to join us