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Ascended Goods - I don't like it....

Sir Derf

I know why it happened, but I just have to say... I don't like it.

Just starting Chapter 18.
Unlocked my first Ascended Goods Research.
Upgraded my first Ascended Goods Manufactory. (Love the look of the Level 32 Marble)
Setting up my city for overnight production.

Lvl31 Marble, keyboard 2, start 9 hour Marble.
Lvl31 Marble, keyboard 2, start 9 hour Marble.
Lvl31 Marble, keyboard 2, start 9 hour Marble.
Lvl32 Marble, keyboard 2, sta...

Nothing happened.

Keyboard 2. Nothing.
Keyboard 2. Nothing.


Ah... Ascended Goods addition rearranged the production options. Luckily, I was low on Seeds and could not start a 3 hour Sentient production, or wouldn't have noticed.

This is going to take some getting used to. mixing 1/3 | 2/4 with 1/2/3 | 4/5/6 over the next few Chapters.

Silly Bubbles

Yep, it takes a bit to get used to it as with any other change. I surely wasted my resources couple of times on wrong production. Now, I use the tick box to set all my production with one click or you can use the settings options and then I double check that I actually did what I intended. This way I don't have to check each manufactury only one of each kind.


These things are sent to try us. It can be a pain in the neck to get the productions running as intended. I still get it wrong sometimes, so I nearly always have to check before I walk away. :cool: