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Artefact trading

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I don’t know about anyone else but I have left over artefacts from all the different events. My idea is that we could trade the artefacts with ones we actually need. This could be done in magic academy, even if there was an extra charge to do this. The way it is now they are just taking up space with no way of using them


I agree that I would like to trade them. However, they can currently be used by disenchanting them into spell fragments.

Plus, there is always the long term possibility that events will come up that use old artifacts to make new versions (like for Phoenix and Bear events as examples).


Yes that is true but it’s not helpful if you only have one of anything.
plus if you play spire every week who needs any more spell fragments, lol


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Elvenar Team
Hi @Aziawain and thanks for the suggestion.

We already received several suggestions about trading artifacts. Right now, during the Phoenix 2020 event, you could trade up artifacts back and forth with 2019's. The same happened in our recent Autumn Zodiac Event with the Bear Artifacts. It is possible that in future events you get the chance to re-use some older artifact, so I recommend you keep a hold on them and don't disenchant them.