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Arsenal has 2 vacancies


Hi everyone
We have 2 spaces for active tournament and spire players.

We just achieved our first gold award in the spire and are looking for players to help us make that a regular thing. We always get the 10 chests and often 11/12 so a blueprint every week is guaranteed in the tournament.

Everybody is helpful here at team Arsenal, some chat, some don't, but we all muck in to help all our cities develop the way each individual member wishes it to.
There's only one rule and that's to maintain a 1000 point average in the tournaments. That's it, just the one. If you enjoy playing in a team, like a friendly no drama fellowship to relax in then give us a message in game.


Hi all,
Due to real life we have had to say goodbye to some great players and good friends. We have vacancies to be filled and are looking for active daily players who love the tournaments and enjoy the spire. Come and join in with a bunch of Elvenar loving players who have a lot of fun .
Send me a message in game and I'll answer any questions you may have
Looking forward to meeting you
Happy Gaming - sunrae :)


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Elvenarians :D Today is the day to join a fellowship so please check out Arsenal as we have a couple of vacancies and are eager to welcome new members. Send me a message in game if you have any questions or just apply and I'll get back to you.
Happy gaming !