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Arendyll : Relaxed FS 'Forest' Welcomes Both New & Growing Cities!


Arendyll-based Forest (EN1) invites players with new or expanding cities (minimum Chapter II, please) to join our established and welcoming Fellowship.
We are also happy to consider Fellowship Merges with groups of players whose existing Fellowships have become inactive.

All applications are welcome, but we are especially interested in players who have at least one of the following Boosted Goods (in order of priority):

:crystal: Crystal, :silk: Silk, and/or :marble: Marble in particular - as well as :plank: Planks and/or :gem: Gems.

(Note : We are currently well-supplied with :scroll: Scrolls and :elixir: Elixir - in that order - but we will try to accommodate all Boosts, as required).

We are friendly, supportive, and team-spirited, with active Members worldwide. Our in-game progress ranges from Chapters II to VIII (Orcs & Goblins), with our current average around Chapter V. We are seeking regular players with Arendyll cities at compatible levels - including pre-Guest Race cities (Chapters II-V).

Our Members share many different play styles, although our team focus is important to us, and we do our best to co-operate in Tournaments, Fellowship Adventures, and the Multiplayer Spire (voluntary participation; no minimum commitments). We are not an overly competitive group; rather, we are building a strong in-game community based upon our existing strengths and our loyal long-term core membership, working together to improve our cities both as individuals and as a Fellowship. We enjoy helping and supporting each other reliably and without pressure or drama.

Strong and steady growth means that we are now earning 3-4 Chests in the Tournaments, and we have started to reach the Bronze Trophy stage in the Spire.

We have only a few entry conditions, and our single FS Rule is that all Members are expected to post fair Trades (at least 2* or better). However, and for the benefit of all of our Members, we do prefer the following attributes:

-- Minimum Player Score of around 1,000 Points (City progress at or above the end of Chapter II);
-- Willingness to log in regularly and to give Neighbourly Help to all other FS Members, ideally around 4-5 times per week;
-- Active interest and regular engagement in fair Trading (at least 2* ratios, as per our FS Rule above), except by prior arrangement with another Fellow;
-- Participation in Tournaments to best ability - no minimum requirement, but we encourage everyone to complete at least one Province per Tournament.

If you would like to find out more about joining us here at Forest, please either reply to this post or apply to our FS directly on the Arendyll Server.
Alternatively, please feel free to send an in-game Mail Message to our Archmage (Gyvs) and/or any of our Mages (Ildan, RIPsaw, or myself). Thank you.

We hope to hear from you soon! :)
~ Laurelin (Mage), Forest Fellowship, Arendyll Server (EN1)

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We are still looking for new members to join our co-operative and cheerful Fellowship - please see above for details :)
~ Laurelin (Mage), Forest Fellowship, Arendyll Server (EN1)
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