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Closed | Archived App - visiting dreadfully slow from notifications panel


Since the begining of the week, visiting from the notifications panel is dreadfully slow (more then 10s per city)... visiting from the FS is still fast from my smartphone. I'm using my own wifi router so the connexion speed isn't involved.
How can I roll back to a previous game version ?


I've found that slowing down and slowing down too... to the point that it's really hard to even scroll the notifications panel. When I'm on the world map I'm hitting the icon to bring up the NH selection and nothing happens for several seconds. I don't think this is the fault of my phone or the network. The game is just slowing down and slowing down.

It goes for the desktop version too and with it all the "internal server errors" and the white screen with exclamation marks.

I like and appreciate a lot of the recent updates to both platforms, but it seems like with each new release the game gets slower and more unstable.


It's been getting slower for me also, and sometimes it freezes the app, causing a crash and reload. A 5 minute visit to the world map now sometimes takes me 20 - 30 minutes. I mentioned this a little while ago and thought the issue lies with the inno servers, as I have used my wifi, public wifi, my parents wifi and 4g cell network but it seems to be about the same on all of them.


I have same problem.
Helping other players from Notifications log is very slow since last update.
I've made a video and counted exact times.
After clicking on a help icon in Notification window until end of coins animation about 10 seconds passing.
Normally (when I click help on some town on a global map) as soon as I click, help window almost instantly closes (less then 300ms), animation of "incoming" coins appears for 3sec and fades.
Also whole notification list loads very slowly and unresponsive to scroll up/down swipes.

I tried to apply to support but they replied that an android device must have 2GB RAM to work well.
I doubt that it's a case of low RAM. It is much more likely a bug similar to endless loop (non stop redrawing or creating same windows without a timed pauses) in application.

I'm playing on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 SM-T285 [1.5 GB RAM with 8 GB internal storage.]
And never had any problems with Elvenar application before this patch on this android device.


Seems a lot better for me now, and the app is more stable and not crashing like before while doing help.


I also notice it getting slower and slower, for me to visit everyone to give some Love/aid each one take over 1min to load.. so that will be over half an hour to visit friends and aid.. I'm on a gaming PC which is fast, and yes I have update my pc, checking it each day. Using Firefox 64bits.


On a PC helping others was always slow, because their full town is loading. Before recent patch it was much faster on a tablet, since you only click help on a menu selecting from MH/builders/culture. It's a pity that the last patch slowed this action on tablets. :-(


Im on laptop and noticed after this goods boost from yesterday loading screen stops on 23/24 and freezes there. If im lucky to get into game fellows visits loading bar takes about 10min...(personal best is 17min) Yes, did brekfast, came back, still loading...