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Closed | Archived App Notification


Screenshot_20190918-233112_One UI Home.jpg
On My Android Phone (Samsung S8+) im receiving notifications that i have collected 10 knowledge points.
Where usually it tells me i have productions ready. (which im not getting notifications for anymore)
If this was the case i would have received about 50 kp so far today...o_O

Im running game version1.87.5-8f8b559-256 (en 1.88) and this has only started happening since the last update.

Edited to attach screenshot of the issue.
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I switched off the notifications long ago. If they're on then it's telling me about something pointless every 5 minutes. If you could customise the notifications it may be useful.

Sorry, that doesn't address your bug in any way.


I have the same issue for the last couple of days. Normally the notifications are useful, but not at the moment...


I have the same problem with misleading “you collected 10 KP” message. Artemisian reported the problem on Android, but I see it on iOS (iPad) as well. Also the version doesn’t seem to matter, original report speaks about 1.87.5, but I have 1.88.2 (since Monday already).


I have the same problem; it has been occurring for me for the last few days and is currently continuing