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Anyone wants to experience the next level of crazy?


Just saying in case anyone wants to see how FAs are done? The best of the best (yes I know we are also modest as hell) have a spot free and if you want to contribute to some new record (our own from last time) breaking performance, we do have a spot free right now.
Unfortunately i have not seen anyone score more than us in any world on the new map layout, so I don´t know what the real record is. All I know is there is noone better on any EN server.
Other than FAs we also are the only FS that has only gold medals (actually even completed the spire every week long before they invented medals)
And we are also the most ambitions tourney FS on all EN servers (I think anyway, slap me if any EN FS has scored more than 300k points). i know there are at least 2 or 3 FS on other worlds that have scored more than us... so we still have goals ;)
For the future: Well I guess 19 chests is a challenge worthy of our dedication for a while, once we get the changes to live worlds.

If you are the rare breed that thinks this sounds like fun, rather than work, go ahead and apply to Swagafythee :D

oscar park

As an ex Swagger I must add to Gargoyle's invitation. The original Swaggers are so lovely and would never have bragged about their "achievements".
I left them and enjoy my new FS. We achieve lots of stuff whilst having a laugh.
Love to the old crew who wanted jumpers (they're on the unidonk express)


Good to hear you are still having a great time Miss O :D

We have changed a lot since then that is for sure... Especially we now have so many more achievements to talk about :) Nowadays we are in the business of pushing boundaries, trying to figure out what is possible. That is not for everybody of course, but it is our thing and we´re having a grand time of it!
Not many left of the old crew, but who am I telling that, at least we still got our AM :D We´re just lucky we keep finding new folks who want to give it the best shot they can and it seems to work! We´ll get old some day and take up knitting, I guess.
I guess you´re right, it was a bit of a braggy message, but heck so what, it´s also true (AFAIK). Orcs aren´t known to be a quiet folk or cautious, or modest, we´re all about having a good party and who cares what anybody says or thinks about it!

Anyways have fun breeding the unidonks, lately you´ve come up with some interesting size and colour variants I must say at least I assume it has been you who did those for Inno?