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Discussion Ancient Wonders


Off topic - are you in the dwarves section of the tech tree, and if so how far along are you? I'm curious to know how non-diamond users are doing.
I didn't say I was a 'non-diamond user' I just haven't used any Diamonds on AWs. To answer your question, I am towards the end of 'A Path to Heritage'. My account started on about 10th August.


I've cleared 183 provinces and although it would be tempting to use diamonds to get the last 2 AWs really there's no point, I've finished the tech tree so there's nothing else to do beyond upgrading a few buildings. I clear 3-5 encounters a day using a combination of troops and negotiating, I stopped doing them until I'd done the dwarf AW tech, I guess its going to take as long as it takes and in the meantime I have 2 AWs to upgrade and I've helped out a few people with KPs for the AW.


^^ non-diamond user? That would be me, excluding the diamonds given at the start of the game of course.

Can't advance the tech without copper and granite. :(

The impossible was intended be for players who have advance to the mid or end of dwarven tech before the AW and have over 180 provinces.

I stopped all battles once past 100 provinces for about 4-6 weeks before the last 2-3 updates. No Sorceress in hand with canoneers and Knights in the battle encounter. Got wiped out.
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