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Ancient Wonders - a bit unfair.


This new feature, where runes collected for Ancient Wonders can be donated to someone else's AW of the same kind is great.. but it does highlight an issue.
Runes need to be collected to build AW's and they are won at random. Ensuring runes for an AW that you may want to build can only be done by winning chests from donating to the particular AW of another player, and luck and rune shards....
Some of us have spent years, literally and 100's of KP's trying to get there.. now, we see an influx of players donating to that wonder with 5 or 15 or less.. where we've put in hundreds.. and gaining chests with one or two runes for that AW.. and these players do not have to be either neighbours, or trading partners or fellowship members..
Maybe like trading and visiting, KP donation could be limited to those where contact has been made?
Yes, the players have done their research and contributed.. but somehow, it seems 'wrong'....
Thanks SkyRider.. I don't see anyone else talking about it. Am I the only one bothered?
You can do very little, InnoGames has taken a firm decision about this new change... They won´t take back this thing, they are as they are.

I also don´t like this btw.


I understand the frustration, but anything that helps the game grow can only be positive, and I found it really annoying to have so many useless shards for Ancient Wonders I didn't want/was never going to build......shards i can now use to help/support other members of my fellowship, which rewards me with KP instants I can use on the wonders I actually own.
The broken shards as well, used to be wasted as you could only ever have 10 at anyone time, so overall it's a positive development :p