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Ancient Wonders Ancient Wonder Ideas

Problem: This thread is to address two situations regarding Ancient Wonders (AW). The first situation is for the new AWs introduced with each new chapter. In that regard there are no problems, per se, just some ideas for new AW attributes.

The second situation is a problem, i.e. AW attributes post level 30. When upgrading post level 30 one of the two attributes stops increasing, that attribute usually being the reason that AW was built in the first place. So, with only the "useless" attribute increasing plus the punitive amount of KP required to continue upgrading that AW the only reason to do so is for the vanity points.

Fix: For the first situation maybe introduce AWs that:
- Increase the initiative of troops. At some point you'd hope that your troops will have learned how to surprise attack those pesky Mistwalkers, for example.
- Increase the damage done to certain unit type; e.g. light melee, light ranged, etc.
- Reduce the damage taken from certain unit types; e.g. light melee, light ranged, etc.
- Reduce negotiating and convincing costs.
- Increase specific (sentient) goods productions, but specific to tier rather than each good, e.g. increase T1 goods production.

For the second situation I understand why one of the attributes is stopped, i.e. to prevent it becoming overpowered. And whilst vanity points are important that doesn't mean continual upgrade of the AW cannot still be meaningful. But instead of increasing a "useless" attribute why not introduce a third attribute post level 30? This third attribute could be something already offered by other AWs or be something completely new. If they're to be new refer to my attribute list above.


Yeah, so far for me, only is worth level #31 for my needles. I produce a lot of orcs and adding a 4% to speed, becomes worth after 72 days. However, the following levels are only an additional 2%, for tougher resources, mana, and a ridiculous amount of KP. However, I have seen several people with level 35 AWs already. So, its worth for some... but I agree... not even the chests for the fellows are better...


I like your ideas for new AW abilities, certainly better than what Inno has come up with in the last 2 chapters!

Point 2: I think the only reason for those new 5 levels was to increase the ranking points. Ranking oriented people have started complaining that regular buildings pack more ranking points than AWs. So Inno added more ranking points, they never wanted to improve the AWs.

Just as a little add-on: Even the useless abilities that they decided to keep improving have been reduced in their increase. So as to absolutely make sure the AW does not get any use besides the added ranking points. The only question is: why bother at all increasing any stats?
However for some reason they kept the speed increase ability going up, so in my eyes there is actually 1 AW in this game that is worth getting to lvl 31: The Flying Academy. Because of the reduced benefits after that I don´t think I will ever go for lvl 32 on it, but there it is. The whole thing got me exactly 1 extra level lol.


I like the idea a lot, @Silent Tempest, to have AWs that increase certain attributes of troops. That could get really interesting. Sadly, I think they're trying to reduce our fighting ability so I'm not sure they would be keen on putting those into action. Pity though.

@Gargon667 is right. Levelling an AW past 30 is just for ranking points and for show... and to give people something to do when they've levelled all their Wonders and completed chapter 16. That's why they don't put anything meaningful in the levels beyond 30. With the coming changes to the tournaments there will be absolutely zero point in taking any of those extra levels. All it will do is make tournaments harder.


I love your initiative bonus, but what if it were a special ability, from a bear? Like the new bears that are coming in the fall event ;)


Like the new bears that are coming in the fall event
I think the feeding effect from the new bear will just be to give out a few KP, which makes it less exciting than the original plan. It would be great to do something like this with it though. Give people a reason to not spend all their pet food on Brown Bears and Fire Phoenixes.