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Alt town from active player looking for Tourney/FA oriented FS


Hey everyone, I'm gonna post this here, sit back, patiently wait and see what comes of it, with no rush at all.
Just one thing to keep in mind: I play as an alt town on server 3. My main's on server 2. This comes with the following:

1) I'll be able to provide daily visits to the entire FS 99% of days;
2) I'll only ever post 2 or 3 stars trades (unless agreed otherwise for tournament purposes);
3) I'm a very tournament oriented player who doesn't lack experience (just scoured #2 on server 2) - and despite this being an alt town, I have a stage 10 Fire Phoenix, so it's not exactly a "throwaway town", and I plan on turning it into a tourney-oriented town with a side of FA (space allowing). I'll obviously skip squad size upgrades yadda yadda yadda. Also plan to take long pauses between chapters as to maximize tournament potential.
4) I'm a very sincere person, as you'll notice by reading below:

1) The main purpose of my town in this server will be to farm for diamonds with Wishing Wells, I intend to make no mistery of this; meaning, my space will be limited compared to other fully-dedicated towns, even though I did and will purchase a premium expansion here and there;
2) I'm in the very early stages of the game and I might've exaggerated a bit with Wishing Wells, which means it'll take me a while before I'll be able to pull noteworthy tournament scores; I also overscouted and catered to quicken the initial chapter, meaning I'm temporarily more economically-oriented than military, but I'm planning for military in the long run (again, Fire chicken stage 10);
3) My contribution to FAs might be smaller than similar-sized towns depending on the number of running Wishing Wells.

What I'm looking for:
A tournament oriented FS (I'll need RR to upgrade the Fire chicken) willing to take on an alt-city which, despite all my best efforts, will have less space than others due to Wishing Wells - BUT will also be built with tourney as 2nd priority in mind, meaning hanging back on chapters in order to allow for high tournament scores with relatively low investment (compared to endgame towns) will be no issue at all.

TL;DR: my 1st goal will be diamond farming, but my 2nd goal is gonna be contributing to whichever FS will have me to the best of my abilities, with utter disregard for the development of my own town. Quid pro quo.