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Ancient Wonders Allow AW Teleport

Far Reach

Firstly I agree with this suggestion, (teleporting Wonders). There are (as described above) some possible ways of trying to game it, but I'm not too concerned about these - particularly when they are mitigated in some of the ways mentioned.

The idea is clearly a response to the tournament changes. There is also some discussion above looking to improve the exchange between players and dev teams on that issue.

We have of course passed back the suggestion @OldHag and once we get a definitive answer we will of course pass it on.

Although I don't have an account, or post, on the US forums, I have just come across a related effort by the Community Manager there (Nightguest). A link is: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/tournament-changes.25318/post-194465 . It may be that there is already close working between the different Community Managers, but if not then it might be helpful if @Simaril et al could compare notes with Nightguest.


It's a pity I can't like a post on the US forum. It certainly looks like they've made more progress over there than we have on EN in 9 weeks and on Beta before that. Perhaps that's because Nightguest is getting stuck in and communicating a lot.


She who must not be named
Elvenar Team
@Far Reach We are all aware of this, however this is not really the thread to discuss the tournaments on.


She who must not be named
Elvenar Team
We will cover it back here so that you are all aware that this is not technically possible in the game. It is something that we would like to have but the technology is holding this back currently.