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AlexLiu seeking for Fellowship!

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Hi there!

I'm looking for a fellowship that can meet the following requirements (yes, a player can have requests as well, not only a fellowship!):

- to have VERY ACTIVE Fellows (helping 7/7 on polishing and fair trades - I'm expecting to see at least 20 helping hands daily, as that means for me a ACTIVE FELLOWSHIP)
- to FLOOD the chat as much as they can without restrictions!
- to have a good sense of humor and craic (from irish: fun)

I can and will offer all above at any time so I do expect the same!

I'm currently having 4119 points but growing each day, step by step!

I'm extremely active member by all means and I do chat a lot, so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I'm having as boosted goods: Planks, Silk and Gems.

Willing to learn the game and improve myself in all aspects of the game so a Fellowship with high-ranked members or experienced members will suit me!

I might not be a "WOW" aquisition in regards of points, but soon enough after I will enter the "gang", you will realise that you have made a great choice in picking me up. (and again...yes... I left my modesty aside saying this!)

So, if you think you can handle me, send me a PM in-game with a few things about you and your fellowship and let's see what can happen. :)

P.S.: Sorry for being O.T.T. with the colours, but wanted the make sure whoever is gonna take me will have a clear picture of who I am, what I can do and what I'm expecting! :oops:

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I wish AlexLiu all the very best

He is extremely dedicated and very chatty. He will bend backwards for you, whether you want it or not: for instance he designed, spending an incredible amount of time, an excellent ad for our Green Empire for which I am forever thankful to him.
I have lost a most unique player who learns very quickly, climbs the ladder whilst trading and making sure there is always someone to chat to in the chat.
I hope he does find a fellowship that matches what he seeks.



Thank you Rimella for your kind words! Keep in touch! :)

Found my place on Arendyll, as well. So the topic may be closed.
Not open for further replies.