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Neighbors Add a Notification When a Neighbor Arrives in Discovered Area


Sometimes cities are shifted due to player activity or new players pop up in our discovered neighborhoods. As we discover a larger area, it can be hard to remember who was and wasn't there yesterday. I like to reach out to newer players around me with an offer of game information and trade help.

It would be great if when a new player is transplanted or spawns into our discovered area (so they are a neighbor whom we can help and trade with), we received a notification along the lines of "You have a new neighbor PlayerX" with a link to the player context menu so we can visit them or send a welcome message.

I think this would really increase the amount of neighborly help a player receives in the first day or two of play and hopefully encourage more new players to stay around.

Every player will not want to welcome new players, and perhaps this would get onerous for people with very large discovered areas, so maybe this feature could have a flag if people want to choose not to be notified when this occurs (similar to the flag where we can avoid having our city move to a "better" location).


Very nice idea, I like it :).

Instead of a switch to turn off the notification, I'd rather have the capacity of the notification system increased.