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Active player looking for new fellowship

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Hello Elves and Humans.
I play nearly everyday, always do my daily visits and participate in tournaments. Always put up 2 star trades unless agreed first.
Boosts are planks silks and gems. Only starting on tier 3 goods as I am just about to open the chest to start chapter 4.
Current fellowship is friendly and helpful but I am expected to participate fully in all tournaments. This is using all my troops and supplies (big players will donate goods if I need them) so I can't conquer new provinces to expand my world map and struggle to research effectively.
looking for a fellowship with a bit more flexibility.
Hi Stucon
We have free spaces in our fellowship Equinox.
We have cleaned a few inactive players and we have made new rules to make our members growing up with help of all of us (min 3 provinces/day in tournaments and 5 if it's one of our boosted goods, min 3-4 NH/week, help our new players with their trades, and we have a very usefull KP chain for AW, and we have a good strategy for fellowship adventure)
If you're interrested, please apply to our fellowship Equinox or send a message to our archmage Aissling ;-)
We hope to meet you soon ;-)


Hi Stucon did you find a fellowship yet ? Krystal clan needs some new players as we have about 9 inactive players. We are very flexible with visits and have no expectations re tournament participation. We are not a very chatty bunch but help each other out with trades and the adventures . Let me know if you are still looking
Not open for further replies.