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Active Fellowship Needed

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I am an active player. I play, visit and polish at least five time a week. Usually more. My boosts are Marble, Silk and Gems. I am currently sitting at close to 150k. I am mostly sane and thoroughly house-trained. I only ever offer fair trades or better.
I am looking for a new fellowship that is genuinely active with players that all polish at least four times a week and where this is expected.

As I cater (I hate fighting) I am looking for a fellowship with a nuanced approach to tourneys. Ideally you do not have a minimum or obligation to participate except for every few weeks where everyone goes full out for ten chests. While we are on tourneys I would appreciate a FS where you either participate fairly in tourney, or not at all. I have been in a FS where players just racked up one province (30 points) every week and then got a full share of everyone else's hard work. Which isn't great for morale.

I am not keen on FAs because INNO give such paltry prizes for everyone's hard work. So it would be great if these were optional. That said, if other FS members do decided to play I will chip in where and when I can.

I am an active, fair and decent player. I am looking for a fellowship I can stay with and grow with.I know the above is a big wish-list but I want to find a fellowship that I am a good match for.

So, if you are a genuinely active fellowship with a fair and moderate approach to tourneys and FAs. It would be great to hear from you.



Hi Helena,

Fire Forgers is just building up a new FS after leaving previous one due to bully tactics being incorporated. Much of what you are after is here, just needing to recruit more players to make it a great FS. Due to being very new we are ranked around 587, but we do have a few bits of interest from others, so hopefully we can build it up to a good few active players quickly.

We make participation for Tourny's and FAs optional, with no min points if you do participate in tourny's. We don't mind sharing the prizes.

We just request regular visits and min 2 start fair trades. We allow cross-tier trades also. We have AWC also to help level up those.

If interested give me a shout and we can send invite.

We are sitting around 90 and 100k mark in the Orc Chapter...

Kind regards,

Not open for further replies.