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ACTIVE Everyday Player


Check us out at Mayhem. Our front page tells you all about us. I've sent you an invite.


Hi Cheryn. If you’re still looking for a FS team you’d be welcome to join us in Fury and Dagger. We play for fun and to help each other where we can. We have players at similar chapter level and ambassador rank is given to active players.


Thank you ALL for invites. I have joined a Fellowship that is perfectly at my current speed. I don't think I can unpost, but everyone has been great. I did make a choice and very happy there. Thank you ALL again so much! ~C


I'm an active, daily player in the middle of Chapter IV, struggling to get over the slow spots of the game due to lack of fellowship support. I usually make 5 collections a day so I'm online quite a bit and do a lot of reading and research. I play the tournaments, the spire as much as possible and all events so far. I would like to trade within my fellowship but there are only a handful of active players right now and trading is near impossible it seems. I do trade with my neighbors on the world map and I make my neighborly rounds daily, both in the fellowship and on the map. I am an ambassador rank and would like to either remain ambassador or try mage. I recruited two of our daily players into the fellowship. (I keep my eyes open.) My boosts are Steel, Scrolls and Dust and I don't currently manufacture any others. I need a proactive fellowship to play with but not interested in making quotas that simply aren't possible for me yet. I only free play. Please contact me if you would like a solid active member in your fellowship. ~Cheryn