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Active, early III age Elf seeks new adventures with like-minded folk.


Score 5395, with plank, scroll and dust boosts, I'm looking to move up from a beginners' FS to an FS that is more active in tournaments and trading. I'm a regular player, fair trader, and keep up pretty well with NH. Any offers?


Hi Si,

You could take a look at Grove of Ancient Oaks - we have a few spaces left for active players. Have a read of the overview box to see if the Grove would suit you :), and I can send you an invitation if you are interested.


I have sent you a message in game, take a look at Dirty Orc Dozen if you like.


Thanks for the replies. I've taken the plunge with Dirty Orc Dozen.


if you are not happy there ...we look for new players we are called Elven guardians the smaller the player the better as we teach and help with resources to help you grow also we do 10 chest almost every week and go gung ho in the fellowship adventures read our overview and if you like the way we play... come play with us.