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Active >160k player

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I'm already producing for the adventure, just need a strong FS to contribute them too.

I play & visit daily & have boosted : steel, crystal, elixir.


hi I'm a new fellowship could use an experienced player


TY for you reply. I am really looking for a FS that will rank in the forth coming adventure. One that has a full or near full membership.

Good luck with your new FS. 8o)


Hello from The Mystic Elves we are currently looking for a new active player, we have a spread sheet set up to help with the adventure. Please apply if interested. Cheers

Lady Monica

Jems Lords and Ladys of Avallonë would love to have you join us. We have 24 members , I will be honest we are not doing the fs adventures this time around due to the effort needed for little rewards.
I feel you would be a wonderful fit in our family. You will see that being a part of a strong community will help your city to grow even more and that the path to prosperity and strength will become a lot smoother. The Lords and Ladys of Avallonë fellowship has a ton of wonderful people who are all about helping each other, as we are built on trust, respect, assistance and friendship!

What we expect from our people:
*Always post fair trades – at least 2 stars or better.
*Treat your neighbors and those within our fellowship with respect, as you will be treated the same.
*We ask that you do at least 5 visits weekly. This not only helps you grow and build faster, but it helps the fellowship too.
*We want folks to only produce boosted goods, as having non-boosted goods ends up being a hindrance to your growth and to the fellowship.
*Participate in the tournaments weekly
*Most importantly - Have fun!

This is a drama-free place and a very relaxed fellowship, where everyone helps one another, where we treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves, and where we can relax and enjoy the game! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me know.

Lenore/Lady Monica