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Activating Hardware Acceleration for everyone



Dear Humans and Elves,

Up until now, the default setting for Hardware Acceleration for existing users has been 'disabled' (off). Over the last few months we have made a lot of improvements to the Hardware Acceleration, so with tomorrow's update to 0.30 we will activate our Hardware Acceleration feature for all users on International. New users already have it enabled by default, and we will now enable it for all users who currently do not have it enabled as well.

We will of course continue to use our Beta server to test Hardware Acceleration. However, if you do encounter problems after the update to 0.30, please let us know in the Report a Bug section of this forum or by sending in a ticket to our Support. It will still be possible to turn it off in the settings menu, but we would like to stress that it is important to get as many results as possible, so please do not turn it off without letting us know why. If you are feeling forced to turn off the Hardware Acceleration, please let us know why, so that we can investigate and improve the system.

Note: Currently the Hardware Acceleration is optional, but it will not remain that way. At some point in the future we will only be offering Elvenar with the Hardware Acceleration enabled, but before we make that switch we want to make sure that it works as intended. Your help with letting us know about your experiences with the feature is invaluable to help us achieve this!

Feel free to discuss this change in the discussion thread.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team