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About Roads


I'm always using dirty roads.The only benefit you have for having better roads is additional culture.And in order this culture to make a difference,you have to built lots of roads,spending too many rss.But what if you have an additional motive to built better roads?
Like,an improved road giving you a small percentage of extra goods or extra supplies or extra coins,if you build the building next to that improved road(besides the additional culture)?


Unfortunately it's just culture, but they often look nicer, plus the culture adds up once you have a big city with a lot of road.... Mind you, when your city gets bigger people tend to be less worried about the culture and roads are less visible anyway, so who knows, haha.


I've always found it best to upgrade roads as the culture really adds up, each new road upgrade is at least another big culture building. Also you have to have roads so you might as well make the most of the space.
For example in my city i have just over 200 squares of road, with a footpath that gives me nothing. but with dwarven streets that is 200x49 =9800 culture for space that i have to use anyway, and the increases get bigger as you up. The Amuni street has 210 while constructs give 260 that 50 per square is 10,000 extra culture for a total with constructs road of 52,000 culture.
To me their is no choice but to upgrade as soon as you can.
The roads only really begin to get expensive when you get to amuni/constructs anyway. Before that it just mean staying in a guest race a few days longer or halting your advance for the same time to save mana. This game is about being patient so i don't mind that time gaining the resources for the streets.