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About push accounts...

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Are we allowed to create push accounts? Cause it would help me a lot to my AWs development, I´m thinking in having 3 or 4 to kp hunt and to fill my AWs also.
Why would I do this? Well fellows and friends from EN forum, I´ve heard many times push accounts are forbidden and blah, blah, blah, but in reality and in practice they are allowed... I´ve seen players having like 8 accounts with the same name (just 1 digit different) in one or many of their Ancient wonders, all of them adding in this or those AWs hundreds of KP, I´ve send like 10 reports to support of this rule breached and they just replied me with the same robotic answer, and the players I´ve reported keep playing as usual, keep using as usual their Push accounts, like nothing happens...And when you put this issue in forums, mods just get angry and ban you for make this public. So I want to suggest that moderation take out that rule, take out restrictions of "alter accounts from an user to help one single account" so we can freely create as many push account as we want.
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We ask you to please follow our Game Rules. Pushing, as you know, is forbidden by rule #7:

§7 Pushing
  • Operating a “push-account” is forbidden. This is defined as unbalanced routine resource (resources, Knowledge Points, etc.) transfers from one account to the next even if involved accounts do not belong to the same player.
  • It is forbidden to create trades in any form (goods, Knowledge Points, etc.) that involve multiple worlds.
  • Please note that it is strictly forbidden to use the invite feature to invite yourself or players that share an internet connection with you.

We do check every account for Pushing, and we take different actions depending on the situation. Not every Push is the same, not every player behaves the same way, and not every player reacts the same way when we try to enforce our rules. It will be a breach of Data Privacy to share this information with you or any other player.

Therefore, there is no need to continue talking about this topic, so I am closing the thread :cool:
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